BIOSWEEP™ is a high performance air and surface decontamination system designed to safely eradicate smells, biocontaminants, volatile organic compounds, and off-gassing odours within any building or contained area. The system combines the latest in airborne and surface contamination destruction technology in one portable unit to produce unparalleled decontamination and restoration capabilities on-site. The process does not use chemicals, is residue-free, and does not harm any materials(including sensitive electronics). This means we can treat odour filled premises without removing contents. This includes permanent eradication of pathogens including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Clostridium difficile - more commonly known as C.diff, and fungi, fine particulate matter such as aerosols, smoke, fumes, dust, ash and pollen, and volatile organic compounds.

Biosweep Applications


What our clients are saying...

"I learned of BioSweep shortly after the catastrophic flooding of High River in 2013. A condominium building was subject to significant flood damage, with over 8 feet of flood water and sewage filling the basement.

Two professional firms that specialize in disaster recovery and cleaning of flood damaged properties were retained to clean and sanitize the site. The site appeared visually clean with no evidence of contamination. However, independent air testing and bacteriological sampling indicated that E.coli and other bacterial & fungal spores were present after the professional cleaning.

Our insurance company recommended BioSweep. Biosweep was retained and upon completion an environmental air and bacteria testing firm was hired to test the site; the results were as follows:

'Upon review with the Engineer, we can confirm that no bacterial contamination was detected on any of the samples submitted. This finding confirms that the cleaning and disinfection of the basement area has satisfactorily addressed the bacteriological contamination from the recent flooding.'

The Biosweep treatment was an overwhelming success. The results were so successful that I wanted confirmation of the accuracy of the test results. Accordingly, I retained an independent environmental testing firm to complete further air testing on the property. The test results from the second firm were the same as the first test results – no bacteriological contamination was present.

I have since used Biosweep for other projects and have no hesitation in recommending Biosweep for treatments of a wide range of air, fungal and bacteriological contamination."

Joe Starr, Janstar Construction Management
October 2014

We GUARANTEE this using our chemical-free GREEN TECHNOLOGY.

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Satisfaction Guranteed!

  • Permanently eradicates odour. Does not mask or hide the odour, it eliminates the source of it.
  • Tobacco smoke, skunk smell, dead animal odour, pet urine , fumes, cooking smells, curries, fuel spills.
  • Mould, Pathogens, Fungi.
  • Fatalities and biohazard trauma cleanup.
  • Protein fires and combustible fires
  • Water damage
  • Methlab and grow-op cleanup
  • Odour removal and elimination

Benefits of using Biosweep

  • Cost Effective, Proven Technology
  • Environmentally Safe, Green Technology - Safe on Fabrics!
  • Quick Turnaround & Return to Service
  • Permanent, Lasting Results
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Scientifically Proven!

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